Educateam, the educational service launched more than 40 years ago in the Royal Museums, is delighted to present you a panorama of the many artistic disciplines in late 19th century. Our guides and lecturers, all qualified art historians, will share their passion and show you this exciting era throughout multidisciplinary mediations. They are major actors in the missions of raising awareness of our heritage and passing on artistic and cultural knowledge.

You are all welcome to our conferences, creative walks, workshops, and general or specific guided tours that will suit any requirement. Art by texts, Connections painting/music and Modernity, Versus and Duels, Scientific Theatre,…  To see a preview of our programmes, please visit also means films, photos, news, games, teaching files, creative note books, etc.

Our programmes are professionally designed to suit everyone, from children and young people to adults, as well as more specific public. The Made to Measure Museum has four specialised programmes on offer: Comet (for vulnerable people), Sesame (for socio-cultural associations), Sign Language (for deaf and hearing impaired visitors), and Equinox (for blind and visually impaired visitors).  They provide a range of targeted activities such as “Promenades contées, Promenades signées” (for everyone), “Audio descriptions and acoustic tours”, “Visit & Workshop”...  and there are many more surprises in store!

En route to the Belle Epoque and the discovery of its Fin-de-Siècle thinking!


Programme Educateam